Master Fermentation Workshop

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Master Fermentation with Master Fermenter Josh Whitehead

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See your Health through your hair!

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Chocolate Love Party Pak Buy by Dec 1st

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Chocolate Love Party w/ David Wolfe, Dec 18th!


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Tweak & Peak this Winter & Enjoy a Cup of Longevity Coffee!

Help protect yourself now! This Winter Tweak & Peak your cellular terrain and upgrade your immunity with my new Program.

Until January 1st,  I will be offering a FREE 1 lb bag of Longevity Coffee and $20 for every referral Tweak & Peak client. Gift Certificates are also available for those giving the gift of health this Christmas.

The Tweak & Peak Program with a Hair Mineral Lab Analysis

Achieve optimal health and accelerate your results with any health & lifestyle regime or workout plan with a complete customized food and supplement protocol. This program is designed from your hair mineral analysis to revitalize your body and cellular terrain with the nutrients your body needs. To have an even greater impact on reaching the cell, all leading edge products, supplements and foods recommended are energetically tested to ensure a strengthening of your body’s systems.

To make the program easy to follow and to help reach long term goals a weekly checklist is provided. You will also receive Jeanette’s top ten, simple, go-to recipes that are all packed with nutrients and are sure to satisfy any taste buds.

Based upon your lab report it will take a week to receive results (after you mailed in your sample from the kit I provide). From the lab report your protocol is designed and emailed to you within a week. This is then followed up with a 30 minute in person session or a Skype call to review your personal program and answer any questions you may have.

 Just a Hair Mineral Analysis is also available for $120 plus HST.

Check out this great video with David Wolfe speaking about Hair Mineral Analysis with Dr. Beaumier from CanAlt Labs

Longevity Coffee $20

Low Acid
High anti-oxidant
Instant energy boost with no crash

Mycotoxins can still be present in organic coffee beans but not in these beans!











Call me at 416.807.5483 or email for more information.

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Keep your Chi Up!


A new set of classes are beginning on Wednesday April 15th at 10 am at the Riverdale Healing Centre. I’m very exciting to be teaching this form that I was originally trained in and one that literally changed my life. I’m a perfect testament to the power of Qi Gong.
I was at a time in my life where I was tapped out on many levels (i.e. adrenal burnout). I was giving all the energy I had to my beautiful 3-year-old son at the time and was trying to work on a relationship that wasn’t working. Within a month of practicing daily I could really see and feel the changes. It was in building and cultivating my qi that gave me the courage to end my relationship because I didn’t have it in me before. Being a sensitive and intuitive person I found it most helpful in balancing my emotions though this time and within that first month I felt I was more in flow and had a much calmer and clearer perspective and was simply more balanced overall. I’m so grateful as I continue to learn and be in flow.
It was through this process that I really came to understand the importance of a daily practice and keeping your Chi up!


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The transformational food group that is almost always ignored!

Probiotics or lacto-fermented foods (i.e. sauerkraut, Kim chi, pickled foods, kombucha, kefir) can really transform and impact your diet.

Did you know that our body is made up of 10 times more bacteria than our human cells and our gut holds 4 pounds of friendly bacteria.

When our entire digestive system is coated with friendly bacteria (flora) EVERYTHING functions better:

  • Improve your immune system
  • Aid digestion
  • Helps detoxification
  • Produces vitamins (i.e. K2) and serotonin
  • Reducing cravings for sugar and processed foods

If we want to crave better foods we need to grow friendly bacteria that will naturally want more of the same things. Sugars and processed foods promote disease causing pathogenic bacteria.  If the bad bacteria dominates the friendly, we will crave more of those types of foods and the cycle of cravings will continue.

There is also a lot of research today linking ADHD and mental imbalances to lack of flora/friendly bacteria.

Signs of a flora imbalance:

  • Extra pounds
  • Memory fog
  • Achy joints
  • Blood sugar still rises
  • Little depressed
  • Exercise and eating well with no weight loss

That’s why eating healthy can fail without enough flora.

Taking therapeutic doses of a powerful and effective strain of probiotics or eating at least one cultured meal a day is key for optimum health. Continue Reading →

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Learn my TOP Five Yummy Summer Recipes for eating on the go!















Early bird registration extended until June 3rd:)

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